Director Biography – Deepanshu Singh (WICKED TRAILS)

Deepanshu Singh is an independent self-taught filmmaker from India. He lives and works in Delhi as a Computer Programmer & has an immense passion in the field of Quantum Physics, A.I and Cinematic Arts.

Although he never planned to become a filmmaker, nor does he lives around people in such fields, he often finds certain films making way into his thought for months and forever. Especially the films which takes advantage of the imaginative potential of the brain & the deceptive nature of storytelling that transcends you into other worlds.

He has been imagining and indulging himself in the melancholic Neo-noir world of ‘Wicked Trails’ for years without any purpose, and now crafting a small part of that world in a form outside his mind is pure excitement.

Director Statement

I have been living in the rainy melancholic fictional world of “Wicked Trails” for several years in my head. And I wanted to give it a physical form, with the music & cinematography that I have been associating with the visuals.

I thought of it as a video game for a long time, thinking a lot in terms of level design, plot, aesthetics, and game mechanics. It’s been only since last year that I saw potential in the story alone & me wanting to see, at least some of it, on the big screen.

As a first-time filmmaker of any kind, it was so much fun & challenge making this no-budget film with all the typical indie no-budget film hustle, right from the first draft of the screenplay, location scouting, casting, filming & countless nights of editing on my laptop while working as a computer programmer during the day.

Taken from a short story series “From a future, we’ll never know” that I wrote several years ago, this 1-hour film (“Wicked Trails”) is taken from Chapter 3 of the book,
covering a few aspects from the full screenplay to adapt to a no-budget film.


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