SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Reading: THE RED SOFA BED, by Semyon White

A cheap second hand red sofa bed is a weird portal to hedonistic damnation. In its presence inhibitions are shed and pleasure the only preoccupation. It falls into the hands of Ritchie; a prostitution ring’s foot soldier. The Red Sofa Bed causes a whorehouse cash exchange with a dirty cop to go awry. When the prostitution ring leader; Mason suspects Ritchie, he is tasked with finding the cash or else. The dirty cop; Detective Shine, is on Mason ’s payroll. He is out to recover the cash and execute the responsible parties. Young women are killed by this dirty cop and a strong arm associate as they seek the answers. Having tracked her younger sister’s phone to a shabby vacant house and finding the killers, an angry woman is out for revenge. Chaos is consistently in the Red Sofa Bed’s wake as it changes hands in Vegas. Special federal agents who are investigating Mason’s operation, confiscate the Red Sofa Bed. Learning of the Red Sofa Bed’s power from the guy who sold it to him, Ritchie offers it to Mason in lieu of the missing money but not before the federal agents test it out and rig it with a microphone to try getting the evidence to bring Mason down.

Narrator: Geoff Mays
Agent Blaine/Joel: Shawn Devlin
Miriam/Roberta: Julie Sheppard
Ted/Doctor Davenport: Sean Ballantyne
Gail/Lisa: Val Cole


By fantasyscififestival

FANTASY/SCI-FI FILM & WRITING FESTIVAL Submit your film, screenplay, novel, to the festival and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Festival. Full Feedback on all entries.

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