Director Biography – Alex Wroten (ENDANGERED)

Alex Wroten is a North Carolina-based, award-winning writer-director-composer. His diverse portfolio of projects includes original films, musical scores and documentaries that have gained international acclaim.

Alex owns and operates Well Dang! Productions, serving as creator and producer on more than 20 short films, three feature-length films and several web series. The full-service production company’s films have been screened in festivals across the United States.

Equal parts storyteller and creative initiator, Alex executes the end-to-end ownership of large-scale writing and directing projects. He is skilled in developing authentic, inventive narratives while driving budgets, removing roadblocks, managing talent and facilitating complex production schedules. Among his most recent writer/director work, Alex directed and produced the feature film, “God Bless New Dixie,” which was selected for the Tryon International Film Festival in 2016.

As a composer, Alex’s expertise spans various styles, instruments, outboard gear and creative technology platforms. The New York Times called his “Mosaic” percussion duet, which was commissioned and performed by Meehan/Perkins Duo at Constellation Chicago in 2016, an “absorbing premiere” that “glistens as it seems to rotate, less developing than slowly revealing more of its secrets.”

Director Statement

With “Endangered,” I wanted to make a dark comedy film that audiences could enjoy as either a harrowing tale of a boy (and his insect) vs. society, or, I don’t know, as an allegorical comment on women’s rights. Y’know… if they’re into that kind of “deep read”, or whatever.

Fortunately, with the dream team of my wife Lindsay and our friend, industry veteran Harry Victor producing, I think we were able to achieve that goal.

Thanks to them, the pains of casting, contracting, scouting, permitting, and, of course, SAG-AFTRA-ing have faded. Now we just have the film, a testament to all the work of everyone who dedicated their time, love, and scrutiny to become what it is.


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