Short Film: BUDDERSIDE ZEN, 4min., USA, Music Video

“We went all the way to Tokyo, Japan to bring an authentic experience to our fans” explains founding member Patrick Stone. “When I think of ‘Zen’, I imagine monks, bonsai trees, waterfalls, and temples. The idea of going there was intoxicating.”

“While the song was actually written in a complete state of zen, it reaches out to those who are unable to find it” furthers Stone. “Our demons that chase us are always in the way… We must find a way to escape them to find inner peace. ‘Zen’ finds us being seduced by desire and lured into a den of evil, where from there is no escape. The nightmare of Kuchisake-onna, Kappa, Rokurokubi and Gashadokuro come to life before your very eyes”.

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By fantasyscififestival

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