SCI-FI Festival Feature Screenplay Reading: The Legacy Of Heorot, by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes

Cadmann Weyland is an aging soldier whose final mission was completed once he oversaw the safe passage of Earth’s first interstellar colonists to their new home, Avalon. Feeling alone and on the outside looking in, Cadmann is the only one who begins to suspect their new island paradise may be anything but safe. Now Cadmann must convince the colonists who have grown too comfortable that they must fight for their lives to protect their new home, or they may lose it to the unforeseen deadly threat they must all face together — an amphibious creature that is triple the size of a Komodo Dragon, and possesses a speed greater than a cheetah.

Often described as “Aliens meets Jaws,” The Legacy of Heorot is a thrilling science-fiction classic that deserves to be visualized and translated to the big screen, and I am endeavoring to seeing this vision through to fruition. It seems fitting that this great story had its trilogy recently completed after decades. My hope is a greater audience comes to love this story and these characters as much as I do.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Sylvia: Julie Sheppard
Cadmann : Sean Ballantyne
Various: Shawn Devlin
Various: Bill Poulin
Various: Hannah Ehman


By fantasyscififestival

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