Director Biography – Beau Garner (THE ADVENTURES OF THE GRAY HAT HACKER)

Beau LePaige Garner is an artist, musician, and writer turned director from Moultrie, Georgia.  Beau brings a fresh wave of cinematic experiences to his viewers.

Growing up on the music scene, he has always been able to flex his creative muscles and collaborate with a variety of different people. Beau was  constantly learning, adopting new ideas, and bettering himself as a musician. He moved to  L.A. to further his music career and along the way, fell in love with filmmaking.

Beau has always been a movie fan and was interested in the process of  movie making.  He created and starred in all of his own music videos, (Beau LePaige) which sparked a new fascination with filming that he felt was tangible to him.      
 Beau enjoys spending much of his time researching the different filming styles of his favorite directors and learning to apply those techniques to his own work. He is always adapting and asking himself questions in order to create better art.                         

Beau teamed up with his younger brother, Liam Dow, who wrote the original comics “The Adventures of Gray Hat Hacker”. Beau took the lead to write the screenplay adaptation of the project. Once they had their script, the cast and crew fell right into place as Beau reached out to friends and other incredibly talented people within the film industry, as he made his way around the camera.

Beau is venturing more into his directing career with the feature film project “Get Away” and short film  “Home Alone: Jigsaw Origins”; both are currently in post production. Follow @beaulepaige on FB, Twitter and Instagram to keep an eye out for more of his creations in the future!

Director Statement

I hope you enjoy my first cinematic offering “The Adventures of the Gray Hat Hacker”. It has been an endeavor of love and learning. I would like to thank my family for the constant support and ability to see my visions. I would like to especially like to thank my Mom for her love and the passion she has for my work.


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