Director Biography – David Lawson (A CLOCKWORK HEART)

A newcomer to indie film making, I have been playing around with photography for a few years now and have found myself led into the film making world as a natural progression to to this. Behind the camera I’m enjoying learning Steadicam techniques – though I’m still a beginner. I have also completed a couple of short horror films with a local film making group. From there I’ve produced and directed my first short “A Clockwork Heart” in the later months of 2019.

Director Statement

A Clockwork Heart was intended to help me learn various aspects of film making. I’d only ever really looked at the camera before but wanted to explore other areas and this was a convenient “all in” method of doing so. I’ve been involved in a couple of short horrors films and wanted to stay away from the horror genre this time as it’s incredibly popular. So I sought a different outlook that would still be fun to make and also fun and relaxed for the cast and crew. We certainly did have fun making the film and it was finally completed early February 2020. The cast and crew love it so we hope the festival goers will love it too. The film although self funded had a crowd funder specifically for the festival entries. Running for a month it exceeded it’s target.


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