Director Biography – Yu CHEN (RED BEAN)

CHEN Yu Born in 1978 in Hangzhou, China. In 2007, he obtained his DNSEP communication and multimedia option (video, documentary) at the Beaux-arts de Saint Etienne in France. Since 2008, Chen Yu has been a full professor at the China academy of art (Hangzhou) in the cinema option. From 2008 to 2009, he also completed a Post-diploma at ESAD Saint-Etienne. He worked as assistant of Daniel Buren for the production of his documentary film “Entrance competition”, with Frédéric Brunquelle on “Paradis Fiscal”, with Rolland Théron on “Rendez-vous chez moi”, with Philip Baillon on 13th street.

Director Statement

“Red bean” is a metaphor in Chinese culture. It refers to love for and concern with relatives and old friends.
The fall of the earth is caused by human selfishness, haughtiness and dismissal. If we travel to future and look back at ourselves of today, we will realize that we have lost our “true love” and it is too late. The outer space that houses humanity is like purgatory, and the earth is the only shelter for human life. It is better to protect our “home” from now on than to miss our “home”.


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