Director Biography – Michael G Kehoe (99 PROBLEMS)

Kehoe is an award winning filmmaker whose debut as a writer, director & producer received critical acclaim for his short film “SECOND DANCE” and was accepted to The Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. While at Sundance he was approached by Prism Entertainment to direct an action/thriller he wrote titled “DOMINION” now on Amazon Prime. He went on to direct and produce another award winning dramatic short titled: “NOW DEPARTING”. His next film, he wrote produced and directed, was a drama/thriller in the vein of film noir titled “THE ART OF A BULLET”, which was highly successful in the foreign territories.
He created a production service company that served multi million dollar productions in Hollywood and over seas such as the Mission Impossible franchise starring Tom Cruise, the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” franchise and remains in contact with JJ and his company Bad Robot. He created a concept series for the Food Network and directed a television special titled “CATERING IMPOSSIBLE” that featured Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Maggie Q and Lawrence Fishburne. This special spawned a number of series for the Food Network such as “Dinner Impossible”, “Restaurant Impossible”, “Hotel Impossible” and many more.
Kehoe won an award at Comic Con for writing and directing his short super hero film he conceived titled: “THE DARK AGENT” and has continued to develop projects under his banner.
In 2015, Kehoe won 34 awards for his short horror film titled “HUSH” and was nominated for the prestigious Wes Craven Award. The feature script was then picked up by the producer of the “Halloween” franchise for Kehoe to direct the feature version he wrote titled “THE HATRED” that was released in April of 2017 through Lionsgate and is now featured on AMAZON and iTunes.
Kehoe has developed and shot 3 proof of concepts, “QUEST OF QUEENS”, “99 PROBLEMS” & “THE OTHER ONE”. All 3 are Sci Fi based series. QofQ has been picked up by a studio to begin production later this year.
Kehoe’s is in development to direct a post apocalyptic thriller he penned titled “THE DEFIANT ONE”. He has developed a Sci Fi adventure with producing partner Tommy Harper (Star Wars: The Force Awakens Top Gun), the film, Sci Fi feature is titled “KEFLAVIK” for TrueNorth Kehoe wrote it with Icelandic producer Kristinn Thordarson to be shot on location in Iceland.

Director Statement

Never give up, Never surrender.


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