Director Bio: Lucas Zoppi (DOMINION EVOLUCION)

I studied filmmaking in the Fine Arts University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I directed several short films throughout my university career and also studied to be a screenwriter and editor. Today I develop independent productions in my city.

Director Statement
Defeat the fear of the unknown is not an easy task. In certain circumstances, perhaps the only way to do it is when your life is in danger and at the same time, you are immersed in a dark and pessimistic world.
That is the case of a person devoted to science who is locked in his laboratory using all his knowledge to be able to find the cure for a deadly virus that is slowly killing him.
This person possesses ideals supported by his science that led him to mistrust a powerful corporation, that has already developed the cure he needs and dominates the hope of every human infected.
Can a person’s ideals be strong enough to allow himself to die? That is what this infected scientist asks himself. And who can blame him for asking such question when he discovers that he lives in a world where hope is already dead?
Perhaps the question of this scientist can be synonymous with his paranoia generated in desperate times, but ultimately it is the mistrust generated by the fear of a strange vaccine… in other words, the fear of the unknown.
This sci-fi short-film shows that in the not-too-distant future, appearances are more deceptive than ever and an infected and scarred man turns out to be the victim of a plan spawned by a perfect, beautiful, and ultimately inhuman being. All leading to a moment in which this strongly idealistic scientist, fails to find his cure and is immersed in the darkness and cold of the “cryogenic state” of his laboratory, while the metal in his body (produced by the virus) consumes him slowly, to the point of almost kill him. He will allow himself to be defeated by the charm of a beautiful woman who will appear to save him with the cure of the corporation that he distrusted so much. This will lead to an injection and the discovery of a new living being that is made of an artificial material, which actually has no interest in saving humanity.
Welcome to a new world where the hope of the humans is dead but nobody knows yet.

Director Lucas Zoppi

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