Director Bio: Nathan Schiele (CALLISTO’S END)

Nathan Alexander Schiele is an independent filmmaker currently located in Burbank, California. He began filmmaking at a young age by experimenting with stop motion animation techniques and went on to develop his first major projects during his time at the University of Texas at Austin.

Director Statement
Callisto’s End an invitation to step outside of our comfort zones. Initially proposed as a science-fiction take on Dante’s Inferno, Aaron Galindo and I became infatuated with telling a large-scale story about ambition and perseverance. Little did we know how those thematic pillars would come to define the project from early development through completion. To put it briefly, the film was a challenging endeavor for a young filmmaker, like myself, to tackle. Yet I have grown into a far stronger filmmaker throughout the amazing journey to bring Callisto’s End to life and feel more prepared than ever to pursue my creative interests. I am especially proud of the film that my team and I have created and I hope that audiences find personal value in their viewing experience.

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