Director Bio: Jon Mancinetti (SHAMAN’S CALL)

Jon grew up making movies with his brothers on a VHS camera. In 2021 he wrote and directed 3 short films that have collectively won 35 awards and counting. He also won several awards for his film, “Super Bois” a heartwarming comedy based on his relationship with his brother. Jon toured the world with his film, “Loss and Found” and helped raise over $50,000 for animal rescues. His work has been seen by over 30 million people on The Dodo and Billboard’s SPIN Magazine.

Director Statement
I’ve done a few films that were based off my own true stories. This year I set out to prove there’s more to my creative writing, while staying true to my passions. This next film is just that! “The Doors” have been my favorite band since I was a teenager. Jim Morrison was a huge influence on me at an early age. I had a pretty emotional year last year, as I’m sure we all did. My many trips to the desert started as a “woe is me” fest to escape reality. I started studying Buddhism, this helped me get out of my head and stop focusing on my depression. I learned how to turn my frustrations into fuel for my creative desires. I spent a lot of time listening to my inner voice and letting it be heard through my writing. The response to these latest short films has been overwhelmingly positive and I feel like I’ve found my creative voice.

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