Short Film: FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE, 5min. China

This film, made by teachers and students from Beijing Film Academy, is the first film using visual cinematography on LED wall for teaching and practicing in China. The car chase scenes and action scenes were specially designed based on the features of visual cinematography on LED screen using visual production technology. Such scenes were the extreme test of the coordination of refresh rate and high speed motion, as well as the total reflection that occurs when screen light hit sphere surface.
Human beings suffered a crushing defeat when alien creature invaded the solar system. The guardian of the Earth had to shut down all access ways to the Earth. The prisoners of war were held in jail by the alien. A, the leading male character, was determined to return home to his daughter. Instigated by B, who claimed to be a union soldier, A drew a runaway plan with the technology guy C. During their escape, C was murdered, while A took a risk and got rid of the pursuers with B looking suspicious. After waking up on the planet Far067, A found out about B’s scheme and the two got into a huge fight. Despite his strong will to go home, A was deeply moved by the plan B had made. In the end, they drive towards the direction of another planet that was in need of rescue.

Director – XIAOWEI LIU


By fantasyscififestival

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