Short Film: FULGIDUSEN, 23min., Germany

Being a quiet child, Felix is a bit of a loner. When the other boys play soccer during the school break, he climbs up a big tree and watches the world go by. During class, he draws little paper figures. In his fantasy, he sends them out on heroic adventures. This regularly gets him in trouble with his teacher. His mother often scolds him as well.
Only his uncle Armin understands him. Armin and his wife own an old country house, which they use during the weekend. Felix often accompanies them; The country house is also the place where Felix has first met his paper friends: He has discovered them on the pages of some of the old books on the bookshelf. Uncle Armin calls them the Fulgiduses. As Felix is browsing through the books again, he discovers something new: Tentacled beings called Skures. Those are the mortal enemies of the Fulgiduses, Uncle Armin explains. To their surprise and shock, they also discover a drawing of the old country house in one of the books. Even Armin cannot explain this.
The next day, Armin still can’t get the book out of his mind and asks his wife Marie for help. Together, they identify a sequence of tones. When playing the sequence, the water in the surrounding area starts to bubble.
Felix isn’t aware of any of this. He’s in the forest. In a tree trunk, he has hidden a box. It contains his homemade Fulgiduses and a water pistol. Running through the forest, Felix is fighting off imaginary enemies with his pistol, a smacking sound accompanying each shot. Finally, the water tank is empty. Yet, Felix can still hear the sound. It’s not from the gun. And… Is his mind playing tricks on him?
On the fallen tree trunk run… two real Fulgiduses! They are trying to escape a tentacled, water-spraying Skure.
He must help those two! Hastily, Felix runs back to his box, takes out his figures, and puts them in the way of the Skure. It stops jumping and focuses its water jet on Felix’ figures.
The scene has not escaped the attention of the two real Fulgiduses. As soon as they have recovered a little, they puff up their cheeks. Speech bubbles form around their heads. A moment later, a large bird lands close to them. The Fulgiduses jump on its back, and it disappears into the air. Felix stays behind, frozen in awe.
A few meters behind him, Uncle Armin is hiding behind a tree. He has observed everything. In his shaking hands, he holds a water sprayer.

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