Feature Film: ALIEN ABDUCTION, 55min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Jared Sagal
A couple approaches a young film maker and asks for help in finishing a film about their story of being abduction and taken off planet in an actual flying saucer. The couple send the film maker a home-made alien abduction film after which he sets out on a mission to either verify or debunk their story. The journey contains a quick look at alien and UFO history as well as actual interviews of others who’ve had or heard of experiences. Unable to debunk the authenticity of the couple’s story he resorts to the use of psychological tactics in an attempt to make the couple turn their stories against one another.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

AV explains, “When the creative people around us heard our story we were encouraged to do a film. However, we had some early road blocks. These included our original film maker getting cold feet followed by the difficulty of finding a film maker willing to help finish the film. We would have given up except for several additional encounters pushed us forward. Our only encouragement sent from millions of light years away. We’re not sure why but it’s sure messed up and that’s why it has to be told. It’s just the tip of an iceberg which is our story. That is what makes this film so special”

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Director Biography – Jared Sagal

Jared Sagal is the founder of Rockerrazzi Filmz is a full-service digital video production company offering music video production, live concert shoots, documentaries, brand and band promotional commercials. Jared helps artists develop their identity through first understanding the psychological intricacies of the client and then developing a story that best represents their personal truth. His journalistic boots-on-the-ground approach results in a recognizable edgy rock n roll visual style unique to Rockerrazzi Filmz.


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