Short Film: PARALLEL, 9min., USA

Directed by Shawyon Fazel
When a common beach bum busking the streets of Venice, CA
walks down a luminescent alleyway in the dead of night, he discovers an alternate reality that flips his world upside down and brings him face to face with his desires.

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Director Biography – Shawyon Fazel

Shawyon Fazel is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA with five years of independent filmmaking experience and a rich background in psychologically challenging narrative storytelling. Shawyon has written and directed short films that have screened at multiple film festivals and received various accolades. Shawyon earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Digital Media Production at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as a certificate in Film, Theater, and Television Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Film Accolades:
• Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Spring 2022 Award of Merit for “Parallel”
• San Francisco Indie Short Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi Short for “Parallel”
• Austin After Dark Film Festival, Best Actor nomination for “Manic”
• Oregon Scream Week Film Festival, Best Actor & Best Horror Short Film nomination for “Manic”
• Glendale Film Festival, Best Short Film nomination for “Manic”

Director Statement

“Parallel” uses the science fiction genre to understand the socio-economic division that has plagued modern society. The inspiration for the film stemmed from my interest in String theory, a controversial and often misunderstood theory about the nature of everything. As I became engrossed in the the theory that there may be parallel dimensions in our universe, I became fascinated by the idea that there could be another version of myself living a life where all things occurred differently. I realized that if I were to one day meet this alternate version of myself, that experience would be very uncomfortable for me and I asked myself why. Thus, “Parallel” is my exploration into an alternate dimension and how that journey could serve as a commentary on human nature and contemporary society.


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