Short Film: CRUSOE, 8min,. USA

Directed by Shane Acker
This Sci-Fi action comedy follows the adventures of Crusoe, an astronaut stranded on an alien planet teeming with hostile life.

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Director Biography – Shane Acker

Shane Acker is an Academy Award nominated director, animator and designer. “9” was his feature directorial debut produced by Tim Burton and Timor Bekmambetov and was released by Focus Features in 2009. His short film short “9” premiered at Sundance in 2005 and garnered numerous awards including a Student Academy Award, the “Best in Show” at the 2005 SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and a student Emmy®.
Shane has a multidisciplinary background in the arts and worked as an architectural designer and animator before becoming a director. He is a graduate of UCLA where he received both a Master of Architecture degree and a Masters of Fine Art in Animation. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Shane has worked with top animation companies including WETA, Universal Studios, Disney, DreamworksTV, Reel FX, and The Third Floor in a multitude of production roles including directing, previs supervising, animating, concept development, storyboarding, and writing. Shane has been an Assistant Professor in the LMU Animation department since 2016 and continues to hone his directing skills by writing, producing, and animating his own films.

Director Statement

Crusoe is a love letter to all the amazing fantasy films I grew up watching as a kid, from Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island to Indiana Jones. Fun, exciting, pure escapist adventure entertainment with charming characters. I think we could all use a little time away from our world right now, so come along with me and explore a new one!


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