Short Film: I BOT, 19min., China

Directed by Tony He
In the near future, young generations suffer from growing heavy burden both from work and family. It is almost impossible to take care of one’s parents and secure one’s job at the same time. But Ai Li seems to have found his perfect solution. However, his father who suffers from Alzheimer Disease leaves no heritage for Ai Li after his death. Instead, he gives it all to a man named Ai Bao. Who is Ai Bao? Why the father doesn’t leave a thing to his only child? Ai Li and Lawyer Chen need to find out the deeply hidden fact. As memory gets confused with lies, the wound between the father and son starts to reveal itself.

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Director Biography – Tony He

Tony He is a thriving filmmaker based in Beijing. Graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada, Tony He has worked as an assistant of Bille August, an award-winning director from Denmark. Later in his career, Tony He has worked for New Base Studio and Huace Media, involving in production of feature films, short films and commercials. Some projects he works on has been included in film festivals worldwide, such as Montreal World Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, etc..

Director Statement

Some argue that the development of science and technology helps cause social problems such as aging problem and unemployment. Its growth is so much faster than human’s natural evolution that sometime we are not emotionally ready for the challenge it brings to us.

With the set up in the near future, a pair of father and son encounters new trouble. There is no doubt that science and technology can offer more solutions for us than ever before. However, no one can say for sure whether it is a right solution or a bad one. After all, solution is not about right or wrong, but individual’s choices.


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